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Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham “Dog Whistle”

What about that awful woman on Fox News, Laura Ingraham? Even if I usually disagreed with her, there was a time when I respected her as a legitimate conservative voice.

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Charlottesville a Year Later (Part 2)

When I last left off, I was talking about what’s behind the near explosion of racially motivated hatred in our country.

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Charlottesville a Year Later

A year has passed since the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia that truly shocked a good portion of our country. The bad news is that Donald Trump is still our President, and white nationalist groups are still on the march.

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Lebron James

Trump Attacks LeBron James

LeBron James is a big boy (to put it mildly!), who doesn’t need a white boy like me sticking up for him, but in this instance I feel obligated to join the crowd that, fortunately, is coming to his defense. LeBron is a great athlete and a positive role model for African American children, and I want to be on record as agreeing with everything he says about his brothers “taking a knee” and President Trump.

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Putin and Trump

What’s Our Priority?

All this business about Trump’s campaign collaborating with the Russians and the suspicion that Russian President Putin has Trump in his pocket is another convenient distraction from this country’s real priorities—working towards racial justice and income equality

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Cookie Crumbs

Desperate for Crumbs!

Thanks to globalization, automation and technology, the “top 1%” (which is rapidly shrinking to. 01%!), has working people so desperate to maintain their supposedly “middle class” existence that they’re willing to grovel and turn a blind eye to just about anything.

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Trump is NEVER the Truth

Given I was taught that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, I don’t know what to say about our current President.

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Soldier Saluting Flag

America’s “Ongoing Wars” and the “Military Class”

It hasn’t gotten a lot of attention lately, but in case you haven’t noticed, America’s ongoing wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, you name it, if it’s in the Middle East they’ll invade it!) are fought by a “military class” with very little representation on the part of the upper class.

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Separated Child behind Fence

Separating Children from Their Parents

The separation of children from their parents going on at the U.S. border is a disgusting national disgrace for which we should all be ashamed.

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Black Lives Matter

What can I say about the shooting of Antwon Rose?

What can I say about the shooting of Antwon Rose, Jr. (age 17) in Pittsburgh that I didn’t say about Stephon Clark (age 22) in Sacramento? How time flies when you’re watching handsome young black men get shot in the back!

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Melania Trump

“I Really Don’t Care, do U?”

We know that our current First Lady, Milania Trump, is no Eleanor Roosevelt and doesn’t aspire to be, but suffice to say she’s shown her true colors by wearing an “I Really Don’t Care, do U?” jacket on her way to visit a children’s detention facility on our southern border.

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Income Inequality

Trumps Tax Cuts Will Add to Income Inequality

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi got in trouble with a lot of people for saying the middle class got nothing but “crumbs” from the Trump tax cuts, but I have to say I agree with her, strongly.

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Black Lives Matter

Another Unarmed Black Man Falls Victim

We now have another unarmed young black man shot and killed by the police, this time in Sacramento, the latest in the American countdown, so to speak.

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Carried Interest Loophole

The Carried Interest Loophole

Let’s talk about the Carried Interest Loophole.

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“A Rich Man’s War and a Poor Man’s Fight”

There’s no question but that a lot of what’s going on today reminds me of the Cotton Kingdom, the principality of sorts that tore our country apart over 150 years ago in a terrible Civil War.

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Trump’s “Base” and Their “Elites”

I’m amazed at how Trump’s “base” hates their so-called “elites,” but doesn’t seem to have the slightest bit of anger or resentment for big business, Wall Street banks, or the super rich—in a nutshell, the top 1%, the modern-day lords of the Cotton Kingdom.

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Crumbs for the “Common Man”

On my website I talk a lot about the “common man” (a group which today would undoubtedly include women and should thus probably be referred to as the “common person”), maybe because, being born in the 1830s as I was, my point of reference goes back to the days of Andrew Jackson, our 7th President and a champion of the common man.

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