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The Median Age is Deceased

To paraphrase the long-gone comedian George Jessel (1898-1981), the median age of the Democrats’ congressional leadership is deceased.  Nancy Pelosi’s achievements deserve our respect, but …

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Washington DC - Pro Choice Protest

Power and Control

This humble spirit firmly agrees with those who contend that overturning Roe v. Wade is all about power and control, not protecting the lives of …

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President Trump February 2021 in Orlando

White Nationalist Patriots

This year the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will be held in Budapest, Hungary, with Viktor Orban, the country’s recently reelected strongman prime minister, serving …

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Vladimir Putin Portrait Drawing Illustration April 20,,2020

Honoring War Criminals

So, what do you think of Putin honoring the Russian soldiers who committed war crimes— purposely slaughtering civilians, including beheadings and torture—in Bucha, Ukraine?  He …

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Putin, Trump Coffee Mugs

Trump’s Thing for Putin

Doesn’t it seem more than a coincidence that Donald Trump is just about the only remaining Republican left who hasn’t denounced Vladimir Putin for invading …

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Russian Special Forces Parade

Russia’s Atrocities

Russia is committing crimes against humanity in Ukraine, striking civilian targets and killing innocent people for no purpose but to disrupt any semblance of civilized …

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November 2022 US Midterm Badge

The Impending Midterms

Whatever their shortcomings, we need the Democrats to protect us from the MAGAs who are poised to take over the House, if not the Senate, …

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Save the Supreme Court Signs

Mrs. Supreme Court Justice

How many shoes are yet to drop in the investigation of the January 6th Capitol Insurrection and Trump’s “Big Lie”?  Last week we learned that …

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Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin Portrait Drawing

Putin’s Useful Idiot(s)

Putin’s barbaric attack on Ukraine and the world’s overwhelming opposition have left America’s far-right engaged in a tizzy of distortions and back-peddling.  Even Hungary, which …

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Russian Oligarchs Protestors

Russia’s Oligarchs

Take a look below at Russia’s richest oligarchs. Along with Vladimir Putin, they are the greedy old dudes who own and control Russia, most especially …

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Kyiv, Ukraine - Say No to Putin protest

Sanction Russia’s Oil and Gas

Putin and his band of oligarchs have a lot in common with the lords of the 19th century “Cotton Kingdom,” the “slave power” that took …

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Russia invades Ukraine

The Attack on Ukraine

Vladimir Putin, an authoritarian dictator who has turned Russia into a kleptocracy, is in the process of destroying democratic Ukraine for no purpose but to …

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Ya Think?!

Ahmaud Arbery’s convicted killers (Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William “Roddie” Bryan) were tried in federal court this past week to determine whether the murder …

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Truck Convoy

Freedom Convoys

Even as a strong advocate of the First Amendment, meaning free speech and the right to peaceful assembly, it’s hard not to be concerned about …

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Madison Cawthorn (Father Like Son)

Even among the “worst of the worst” MAGA Republicans in congress, Representative Madison Cawthorn (R, NC) can always be counted on to hold his own.  …

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Authoritarianism, Oligarchs, and Kleptocracy

It’s apparent that a great many among the right-wing media have a soft spot in their heart for authoritarian governments and the oligarchs who rule …

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The Election Police

Trump and the rest of his MAGA Republican cohort just keep on keeping on, telling their “base” what they want to hear, again and again. …

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Homeless Man Sleeping with American Flag

It’s Inequality, Stupid!

In case we needed any more evidence that economic inequality is tearing our country apart, take note of the growing number of thefts from cargo …

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President Trump - August 2018

Trump’s REAL Enablers

Former President Trump has his visible allies and enablers—the likes of Mark Meadows, Steve Bannon, and Sean Hannity—but he also has his REAL enablers, the …

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2021 Comes to an End

Even from the perspective of someone who’s been hovering about this earth for almost 200 years, 2021 was an awfully disturbing and sad year, and …

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