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I Can’t Breathe

The murders of Eric Garner and George Floyd were about domination, not law enforcement. Putting your knee on someone’s neck while they plead for their life isn’t something that should be covered by police training, it’s a manifestation of sadistic hatred, plain and simple.

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America is All Too Willing to Sacrifice People of Color to COVID-19

Even if they are acknowledged to be “essential workers,” people of color are treated as expendable (i.e., black AND brown lives don’t matter!) and dying in disproportionate numbers because there’s no economic incentive for most white Americans to care whether they lie or die.

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Delivery Man with Packages

The “New Normal” Ain’t Gonna to Be Too Good!

Maybe it’s more efficient to ship every conceivable item in the known universe out of Amazon’s warehouses, but what about the people who lost their jobs at retailers all across America? Even if Amazon could hire them all, do we really want the whole country working for Amazon?

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Trump in the Coronavirus

The Biggest Decision of Trump’s Life (He Didn’t Make It)

Trump will be remembered for his negligent and incompetent management of the COVID-19 crisis, which destroyed our economy and caused the worst unemployment since the Great Depression, NOT the “greatest economy in the history of the world.”

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COVID Protests

Don’t Let History Repeat Itself

The “liberate” protests going on all across the country, some led by gun-toting, right-wing extremists, are trying to turn what should be a non-political public health decision into another rally against the “liberal elite” and the tyranny of big government.

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Robber Barons

Inequality Is the Root Cause of What Ails Us

Our dysfunctional healthcare system, increasingly unaffordable housing, and insurmountable student loan debt all make it obvious that our country’s economic system was a disaster for most Americans long before the COVID-19 crisis.

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When People Are Out of Work, Unemployment Results

“When people are out of work, unemployment results.” Those are the infamous words of
President Calvin Coolidge from almost 100 years ago. Why do so many of our leaders in
Washington seem equally mystified by COVID-19’s impact on the unemployment figures?

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Trump with Puckered Lips

Trump FAILED to Stem the Tide of Disaster

A long list of missed opportunities and errors in judgement led to our America’s COVID-19 disaster. Tracking all of Trump’s mistakes is like reading about his bankruptcies, only this time his failures are not only well documented by the media, but by hundreds of tweets!

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Lincoln with a Face Mask

In the Long Run, We are All Dead

The COVID-19 pandemic tragically illustrates our country’s crippling polarization and economic inequality. It should be obvious that a democracy can’t survive with a wealth gap that leaves so many people living paycheck to paycheck. Talk about a house of cards on the brink!

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What is Trump Without Twitter?

Could Trump Even Function in a World Without Twitter?!

If Donald Trump had led the Confederacy, the Emancipation Proclamation and Juneteenth might have come much sooner! He probably would have enjoyed leading a nation that’s existence was based on slave labor, but it’s hard to imagine him functioning in a world without Twitter!

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Donald Trump

A Big, Fat, Dumb Ostrich

A True Embarrassment For Our Country What more I can say about President Trump’s incompetent handling of the coronavirus outbreak that I didn’t say last …

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Jefferson Davis and Donald Trump

President Trump, Our President Davis

This former Confederate officer has hesitated to say anything until now, despite it being painfully obvious, but President Trump reminds me all too much of …

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Biden and Sanders

Biden and Sanders: Old White Men

Anything about “old white men” given I’m approaching two hundred years old and about as Anglo Saxon as they come… Blond-haired and blue-eyed, all the …

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Michael Bloomberg

Stop and Frisk

Mike Bloomberg might be one of the wealthiest men in the country and the former mayor of its largest city, but his pitiful defense of stop and frisk shows that, at his oblivious white man’s core, he’s no different than a small town sheriff in the Jim Crow South.

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American Flag

America’s Lies

Last week, I wrote about some of the many lies in America’s history. Lies that have been turned into myths and taught to our children …

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Alamo Memorial

Remember the Alamo!

Of all the things I found moronic and offensive about the President’s State of the Union Address last week, none was more painfully ridiculous than …

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Judge's Gavel

The Impeachment Trial of President Trump

As a rule, I focus on the issues that are most important to me and try not to get too bogged down in issues of …

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Clothesline blowing in a breeze in front of Trailers

White Folks’ Masters – What About The Ruling Elite?

Something brought to light by the advent of Trump’s America that goes back quite a ways is the problem of white folks identifying with their …

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Who are We Fooling this Martin Luther King Jr Day?

Martin Luther King’s birthday is not only a time to honor Dr. King’s legacy, but also to reflect on the status of racial injustice in …

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Distorting the Reality of Ukraine

President Trump’s calamitous distortions come so quickly that I barely have time to scribble my thoughts down before a new absurdity bursts forth across the …

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