The Democrat’s Maginot Line

Heads in the Sand

My frustration and anxiety about America’s future in the face of the Republican assault on (what remains of) our democracy continues to rise.  Too many people, and I’m referring especially to President Biden and the Democratic leadership in Congress, seem determined to hide their heads in the sand rather than confront the threat head on. […]

Inequality Is Destroying Our Democracy

Homeless Man

Your humble spirit has been contemplating his words from last week and wondering if perhaps I should have said a good deal more about our democracy’s plight.  I don’t apologize for joining the chorus of those sounding the alarm that our democracy is under siege, but the sad truth is that our democracy was in […]

Our Democracy at Risk

Problems with our democracy

It feels like our democracy is at a crossroads and the problem is more than just the usual suspects—Donald Trump’s “big lie” that the 2020 election was stolen, or MAGA Republicans passing suppressive voting laws in 18 states, or shameless gerrymandering all over the country, or the filibuster that allows the Republicans to paralyze the […]

Replacement Theory

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson, currently the right-wing “media personality” enjoying the highest ratings at Fox News, has taken to touting “Replacement Theory,” also known as “the great replacement,” and other members of the right-wing media universe are surely likely to follow given it so closely aligns with their generally racist, anti-democratic agenda.  Replacement Theory is a blatant […]

Right-Wing MAGA Media

Facts not Fox

I don’t know how much longer our country can endure the right-wing MAGA media’s alternative reality, their total disregard for facts and truth, their complete lack of integrity in pursuit of the almighty buck. (Fox News owner Rupert Murdock made over $30 million this past year!) These people have no claim on being journalists and […]

Everything in Limbo

Woman holding an American Flag

Among the definitions of “limbo” found in Webster’s Dictionary are the following: A place or state of oblivion for persons or things cast aside, forgotten, or out of date. An intermediate, transitional, or midway state or place. A place or state of imprisonment or confinement. I can’t decide which of these statements best describes America […]

Back to Where We Started

Joe Biden discussing Afghanistan

What a disturbing time this is for our country.  After twenty years of fighting terrorism in Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East, it feels like we’re back to where we started, all of our attempts at “nation building” having failed miserably.  Despite many false illusions of progress fostered by four American administrations, including the ridiculous […]

Debacle in Afghanistan

As disheartened as I am by some of our fellow citizen’s steadfast refusal to protect themselves from the Delta variant, this humble spirit finds himself even more disheartened by the situation in Afghanistan.  America’s getting out may have been long overdue, but when was something ever so horribly bungled?  How could those in charge, especially […]

Give Me Liberty or . . .

Anti Masker with an American flag

Give me death!  What the hell?! Polling now shows white Republican men are refusing to wear masks and get vaccinated because they don’t want to give liberals the satisfaction of capitulating.  How stupid and self-destructive is that?!  Their willingness to cede the benefits of medical science to their perceived enemies is a true American tragedy. […]

Senator Josh Hawley

Sign being held up stating "People died because Hawley Lied"

Sometimes politicians are quoted unfairly, because they’re not prepared for the question and don’t have time to think.  But when someone submits an editorial for publication, it’s a pretty good bet they mean what they say.  Unfortunately, this is the case of an editorial submitted to the New York Post by Senator Josh Hawley of […]

Dying of Whiteness II

COVID-19 Patient

Since last week, when I vented my frustrations about people refusing to take a life-saving vaccine finally available to them, the situation has gotten even worse.  The pandemic that we all hoped would be over has come back with a vengeance, thanks to the Delta variant and a bunch of misguided MAGA Republicans who steadfastly […]

Died of An Idea

As someone who lived in the middle of the 19th century, well before the advent of modern medicine, I find myself utterly perplexed that so many people are refusing to take advantage of a vaccine that can save their life. In a world desperately in need of COVID vaccine, so much of it is going […]

The VERY Worst of the Worst!

Marjorie Taylor Greene

If you’re looking for a catalog of the worst lies and propaganda spewed by MAGA Republicans during the Trump era, look no further than the message Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene released to the press back in January, less than a week after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Maybe a picture tells a thousand words, […]

Capitalism Without Competition

Joe Biden

Last week President Biden signed an executive order “promoting competition” in business, which will hopefully help stem the ever-rising tide of inequality in America.  In his speech the president said that “Capitalism without competition isn’t capitalism, it’s exploitation,” and let me unequivocally state that what we’ve had in this country of late is downright exploitation! […]

The “Trump Republican” Army

Capitol Insurgents

We’ve now learned that when a group of “Trump Republicans” should have been in Washington to vote on the January 6 Commission (to investigate the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol) they were instead on a “study committee” trip to our southern border.  Not only that, but they were accompanied by at least one participant in […]

White Rage Isn’t going Away

How can anyone fail to be struck by the degree of raging anger held by a sizeable group of the American people, mostly white supporters of former President Trump, including a significant subset of QAnon followers.  These people continue to believe Trump’s “big lie,” among many others, and some have even called for the execution […]

The Worst of the Worst

Let's Make Trump President again

This past week witnessed two no-brainer votes in Congress: 1) establishing Juneteenth—a commemoration of emancipation—as a federal holiday; and 2) awarding the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honor that Congress bestows, to all the law enforcement officers who defended the Capitol on January 6th.  Fortunately, both measures passed overwhelmingly, the only opposition coming from “Trump […]

Critical Race Theory

Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan both pointing

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the Trump Republican’s latest boogeyman, both on the stump and in Republican dominated statehouses across the country, and they are especially concerned that it is being taught in our schools.  As more than one pundit has said, as well as former President Obama, based on how the Republicans are carrying […]

Forget Bipartisanship

Joe Biden

Am I the only one getting more than a little impatient with the Democrats, both the Biden Administration and in Congress?  I constantly rail against the Republicans, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pretty damn frustrated with the Democrats.  I know all about the filibuster stopping President Biden’s agenda in the Senate, but at a […]

Satan Worshipping Pedophiles

Q Anon

Before I go on another rant about the foolishness of QAnon believers, let me explain why I sometimes sympathize with believers of Trump’s “big lie.” They may be a bunch of suckers and fools, but at least I understand why the lie was made up and why so many people were eager to believe it.  […]