White Christian Existential Panic

Trump and Putin

Lately it’s hard to ignore MAGAs’ dangerous attraction to white, male authoritarian rulers.  What the hell?!  Donald Trump and other prominent MAGAs, including House Speaker Johnson and “media personality” Tucker Carlson, are delighting in reverence for Russia’s authoritarian dictator, Vladimir Putin, seemingly unfazed by his continued war in Ukraine or his murder of Alexi Navalny.  […]

Civil War at the Border

Texas Border Crisis

As someone who lost his life fighting (on the wrong side, of course) in the American Civil War, your humble spirit humbly suggests that MAGAs should stop calling for another “civil war” every time they open their mouths.  Like Southerners who seceded from the Union back in 1861, if they’re not careful, they might get […]

The World Economic Forum

Davos Summit

Committed to improving the state of the world?  Who do those people at Davos think they’re fooling?  The only world most of them want to improve is their own! If you’ve read even a few of my journal entries, it should be fairly clear this humble spirit hates Donald Trump and disparage his MAGA “base” […]

New Year’s Realizations

Trump or Death

As unrealistic as they may be, your humble spirit has some heartfelt wishes for 2024.  Wishes for Donald Trump and MAGA: Putting aside the obvious—such as Trump not getting reelected and/or his MAGA base no longer believing his lies—in no particular order, here are some New Year’s resolutions, or rather New Year’s realizations, that Trump’s […]

Happy New Year!

Donald Trump Mugshot

This humble spirit has been hovering about the earth for well over 150 years now and I can hardly recall a grimmer holiday season or a glummer prognosis for the new year, either here in America or around the globe.  In preparation for what is to come, however, I thought it might prove instructive to […]

Happy Genocide!

Adolf Hitler

What a grim holiday season this has turned out to be.  Talk about the Grinch who stole Christmas!  There are more wars going on around the planet than we’ve had in years and, with the exception of Donald Trump’s impending dictatorship looming over us, hardly anything has gotten more attention than the subject of “genocide”—how […]

“Bidenomics” Going Down with the Ship

Titanic Stamp

The White House seems determined to make “Bidenomics” the center of the president’s 2024 presidential campaign, and given how things stand (Trump and Biden in a statistical tie, with Trump ahead in most swing states), that’s a really scary proposition for the Democrats—and the country!  Bidenomics, including the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Investment […]

Trump Gets His Comeuppance

Trump Behind Bars

Last week, Yusef Salaam, one of the “Central Park Five” who were wrongly convicted for the 1989 rape and beating of a white jogger in Central Park, won a seat on the New York City Council representing a central Harlem district. (Congratulations, Yusef!)  Although his conviction was eventually overturned based on DNA evidence, as were those […]

Mike Johnson
(Speaker of the Christian Right)

Mike Johnson

It turns out that Mike Johnson, the new House Speaker, is no less a far-right MAGA bomb thrower than Jim Jordan, only he’s quiet and polite, and thus not as loathed by his House colleagues.  First on the list of his impressive MAGA credentials, he took a leading role in trying to overturn the 2020 […]

It’s All About Him

Donald Trump

Judging from how he talks (and tweets!), it’s clear that Donald Trump thinks he’s still President of the United States, or maybe a co-president with Joe Biden, one who has his own foreign policy, especially when it comes to the current crisis in Israel.  He doesn’t seem to understand that he’s just an unemployed old […]

Barbarians at the Capitol Fence

Capitol Building behind a fence

When retiring Army General Mark Milley referred to Donald Trump as a “Wannabe dictator” in response to the former president suggesting he might deserve execution for treason, The Wall Street Journal called it a “sad reminder that Mr. Trump often provokes others into breaking their own institutional norms.” Yeah, it’s sad alright! Trump and his […]

All Becomes Clear

Donald Trump Mugshot

As Agatha Christie’s famous fictional detective, Hercule Poirot, liked to say, “in time, all will become clear.” Well, in case we still had any doubts, lately quite a bit has become clear. What could be more obvious than why Russian president Vladimir Putin is defending his old buddy, Donald Trump, and claiming the former president’s […]

Trump’s GOP Challengers are a Joke!

A protester waving a flag that says "He'll be back 2024"

It’s now clear that Republican voters will not give up on their hero, Donald Trump, under any circumstances, no matter how vile his behavior, no matter how many times he is indicted.  The worse it gets, the more loyal they become.  Republicans only represent about a quarter of the electorate, but the fact that the […]

Throwing Sh*t at the Wall

Trump pointing his finger up in air

The 98-page Georgia indictment against Donald Trump and his eighteen co-conspirators—no less worth the read than the 45-page January 6th indictment brought by federal prosecutor Jack Smith—contains 41 counts, of which Trump is accused of the following 13: If you’re like this humble spirit, you’re not sure whether to be incredulous that a former President […]

A Conspiracy to Defraud America


How fitting that the first of four charges included in the January 6 indictment against Donald Trump be “Conspiracy to Defraud the United States Government.” The man has been defrauding the entire world for most of his life—business associates, contractors, lawyers, you name it.  He’s the ultimate con-artist and grifter; his entire presidency and political […]

A New Crop of Republican Lackies

Presidential Election Take Back America 2024

Yeah, there’s no question we need to take America back!  Among Trump’s many challengers for the Republican presidential nomination are numerous fresh faces, but upon closer inspection they all support the interests of the Republican’s aging, predominantly white “base.” None of them address issues important to the majority of young voters, and make no mistake, […]

I’m Being Indicted for You

In God we Trump

Former President Trump tells more lies than there are stars in heaven, but he’s once again outdoing himself when it comes to explaining why he stored classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. This humble spirit’s personal favorite is that he declassified them merely by thinking about it (talk about illusions of omnipotence!), but as usual, Trump has […]

The Dustbin of History

Trump mid sentence

The details of Donald Trump’s indictment for mishandling classified documents won’t be fully known until the trial, but we do know the former president is once again misbehaving himself, big time—including ugly personal attacks on Jack Smith, the federal prosecutor in charge of the case, as well as encouraging his supporters to commit acts of […]

A House Divided Risks Default

Abraham Lincoln

It’s possible the country has avoided the debt ceiling crisis once again, but the disturbing episode has served as another reminder that ours is a terribly divided, polarized nation.  I rarely agreed with the late Rush Limbaugh, but he was certainly correct to question whether America can survive its current challenges, with (at least!) two […]

Haves and Have Nots

Jordan Neely, a homeless young Black man apparently suffering from mental illness, was put in a chokehold and killed by Daniel Penny, a white 24-year-old ex-marine.  So, what do you know, we have yet another Black man with the life choked out of him, only this time by an ex-marine rather than the police, just […]