Died of An Idea

As someone who lived in the middle of the 19th century, well before the advent of modern medicine, I find myself utterly perplexed that so many people are refusing to take advantage of a vaccine that can save their life. In a world desperately in need of COVID vaccine, so much of it is going […]

The VERY Worst of the Worst!

Marjorie Taylor Greene

If you’re looking for a catalog of the worst lies and propaganda spewed by MAGA Republicans during the Trump era, look no further than the message Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene released to the press back in January, less than a week after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Maybe a picture tells a thousand words, […]

Capitalism Without Competition

Joe Biden

Last week President Biden signed an executive order “promoting competition” in business, which will hopefully help stem the ever-rising tide of inequality in America.  In his speech the president said that “Capitalism without competition isn’t capitalism, it’s exploitation,” and let me unequivocally state that what we’ve had in this country of late is downright exploitation! […]

The “Trump Republican” Army

Capitol Insurgents

We’ve now learned that when a group of “Trump Republicans” should have been in Washington to vote on the January 6 Commission (to investigate the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol) they were instead on a “study committee” trip to our southern border.  Not only that, but they were accompanied by at least one participant in […]

White Rage Isn’t going Away

How can anyone fail to be struck by the degree of raging anger held by a sizeable group of the American people, mostly white supporters of former President Trump, including a significant subset of QAnon followers.  These people continue to believe Trump’s “big lie,” among many others, and some have even called for the execution […]

The Worst of the Worst

Let's Make Trump President again

This past week witnessed two no-brainer votes in Congress: 1) establishing Juneteenth—a commemoration of emancipation—as a federal holiday; and 2) awarding the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honor that Congress bestows, to all the law enforcement officers who defended the Capitol on January 6th.  Fortunately, both measures passed overwhelmingly, the only opposition coming from “Trump […]

Critical Race Theory

Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan both pointing

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the Trump Republican’s latest boogeyman, both on the stump and in Republican dominated statehouses across the country, and they are especially concerned that it is being taught in our schools.  As more than one pundit has said, as well as former President Obama, based on how the Republicans are carrying […]

Forget Bipartisanship

Joe Biden

Am I the only one getting more than a little impatient with the Democrats, both the Biden Administration and in Congress?  I constantly rail against the Republicans, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pretty damn frustrated with the Democrats.  I know all about the filibuster stopping President Biden’s agenda in the Senate, but at a […]

Satan Worshipping Pedophiles

Q Anon

Before I go on another rant about the foolishness of QAnon believers, let me explain why I sometimes sympathize with believers of Trump’s “big lie.” They may be a bunch of suckers and fools, but at least I understand why the lie was made up and why so many people were eager to believe it.  […]

The Case(s) of the Missing Bodycam Footage

Protestor holding a sign saying Stop Killing Us

Presumably your humble spirit isn’t the only one whose frustration and anger is growing over police bodycam footage not being used for its intended purpose—that is, having evidence of what occurs during police encounters with the public.  Bodycam footage is also intended to serve as a deterrent to bad behavior on the part of the […]

Rejecting Reality


Regretfully, I am beginning to wonder if some people—that is, the MAGA crowd of Trump supporters—aren’t downright crazy.  I understand that Trump fed them the “big lie” that the election was “rigged” and all, but now they don’t even want to believe what they saw happen at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, just like […]

The Republican Civil War

I’ve written a lot about the Republican Party being at war with itself and falling apart, but now it has unquestionably evolved into the “party of Trump,” totally ruled by the “base,” aka Trump’s loyal followers.  Did you ever think you would see a political party in America that embraces the likes of Matt Gaetz […]

America IS a Racist Country

Tim Scott

Despite what Republican Senator Tim Scott of the “great state” of South Carolina says, we all know that America is undeniably a racist country, a very racist country.  The fact that the Republican Party chose it’s only African American Senator out to deliver their rebuttal to President Biden’s address to the nation tells us all […]

The First Amendment is Under Attack

Protests in Miami

While most of us are celebrating justice for George Floyd and hope it represents a positive turning point for our country, a sizeable minority on the right continue to exhibit some of the most hateful racism and irrational fear of the “other” that I’ve ever witnessed during this humble spirit’s almost two-hundred years hanging about […]

Modern Day Slave Power

Justice for Daunte

While we can all rejoice in Derek Chauvin being found guilty of all charges in the killing of George Floyd, this humble spirt is running out of words to express my outrage at the killing of Black men by the police. After each tragic episode comes the contentious debate over what happened, the why and […]

George Floyd’s Killing Was Ritualized Murder


The medical experts who testified in the Derek Chauvin trial have established that George Floyd had stopped breathing and lost his pulse long before Chauvin removed his knee from his neck.  It turns out that Floyd was dead in about five minutes but Chauvin kept his knee on his neck for a total of nine […]

We See What We Want to See

George Floyd Painting

The killing of George Floyd last spring supposedly opened America’s eyes to racism and sparked a new racial awakening in the country.  But now the trial of his killer, Derek Chauvin, reminds us of another trial almost 30 years ago—that of four Los Angeles police officers charged with beating Rodney King almost to death.  Not […]

Support the “For the People Act”

Protester holding sign saying "FUCK KKKEMP"

So, what do you think of Georgia Governor Kemp signing a bill to curtail voting rights and suppress the Democratic vote, happily surrounded by a bunch of middle-aged white men with a picture of a slave plantation hanging in the background?  And just to add to the good old-fashioned southern charm and hospitality, he had […]

Stop the Steal – Republicans Want to Suppress the Vote!

North Carolina Voters in Line

Republican legislators in states across the country want to limit early voting and place more restrictions on mail-in voting. They want us to believe the Democrats can only win through voter fraud, but evidence suggests the Republicans can only win through voter suppression.

Senator Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson

Senator Ron Johnson finally spoke the simple truth of why he and other Trump supporters have so little concern about what happened at the Capitol—the insurrectionists were members of their WHITE team. If nothing else, we owe him a debt of gratitude for laying the truth bare.