My Story Began Back in the Days of the “Cotton Kingdom."

I was dubbed the “gallant Pelham” by General Robert E. Lee of the Confederate States of America, and subsequently got myself killed fighting for that terrible cause, maybe the worst cause that ever was.  History thus remembers me as a hardcore rebel fighter, but in truth I was an abolitionist sympathizer who knew the Cotton Kingdom’s war in defense of slavery was evil. Yes, you might say I sold my soul to the devil in exchange for fame, glory and sexual conquest.  

These excerpts are from the first book in an upcoming series of historical fiction that tells my life story.   

1. The Monster on Uncle Baylor’s Back

I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me a while to realize white people owned black people, and all the things they did to keep it that way.

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2. Saying Goodbye to Aryanna

When I was twelve years old, right when the ‘Cotton Kingdom’ that was coming into full bloom, I got some more cruel lessons about slavery.

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3. The “Cotton Kingdom” Comes to the Pelham Farm

When the price of cotton finally got so high that it became profitable to grow in the upcountry, my father decided to become a cotton planter.

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