Trump is a Cornered Rat

Rat vector image

What can I possibly say about Donald Trump that I—or someone else—haven’t said already?  But once again, given he’s consuming all the oxygen in the room, the news cycle, and the country, your humble spirit feels like he has no choice.

Trump says “the temperature has to be brought down in the country” or “terrible things are going to happen” and claims “he will do whatever it takes to bring down the temperature,” but then he takes to “Truth Social” and shamelessly incites his MAGA followers any way he can.  Not that long ago his silence meant he was granting his followers permission, but the silence has been replaced by a bullhorn. After all, this is the same man who incited his MAGA minions to attack the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. To hell with FBI agents who are just doing their jobs, who cares about their families and their kids; let ‘em die along with Mike Pence and any Democrats his MAGA mob might have caught up with on January 6th.

Trump will tell any lie, damage the country any way he can (I’m convinced it’s become the object of his hateful grievance, not a biproduct), just to save his own mangey hide and stay out of prison.  If you look at all the legal jeopardy he’s in—it’s just a matter of who gets him first—never mind the likely demise of The Trump Organization when CFO Allen Weisselberg finally testifies, it’s got to feel like the walls are closing in. The desperation of the man who just last week took the 5th amendment over 400 times is palpable, and if he’s going to go down, well damn it, he’ll take the whole country with him!  And if he thinks announcing his candidacy for 2024 is going to prevent his indictment and prosecution, per usual he’s mistaken.

In the midst of Trump inciting a “Civil War,” his old pal Rudy Giuliani may have finally lapsed into senility. He has shown his knowledge of the Espionage Act to be on par with his knowledge of election law. (How many lawsuits did that legal team lose trying to prove Trump won the election?). Remember the dripping hair die? At least he’s let himself go gray so he doesn’t make such a mess when he’s babbling his nonsense.

America has Better Things to do than Play Games with Donald Trump.

Trump’s ridiculous excuses as to why he took classified documents to Mar-a-Lago are another painful reminder that he could never distinguish the difference between himself and the presidency—to his way of thinking they’re his documents to “declassify” and dispose of as he so chooses.  Is the information they contain already in the hands of the Saudis or Putin, are they in exchange for Jared Kushner’s $2 billion hedge fund or Trump’s over $1 billion in debts?  Alas, they’re probably fighting over the classified materials; not Putin and the Saudis, Trump and Kushner.  I’m hardly the only one who’s worried about where that info will end up, assuming it isn’t there already; the White House has now shared similar concerns, and the Justice Department says Trump may have been up to “something nefarious.” Now there’s an understatement for you!

When Trump lost the 2020 election I hoped he would finally be out of our lives for good, but he’s like a virus the country just can’t shake.  As much as I hope he’ll be gone soon, it’s hard to imagine how the country will survive the martyrdom and hysterics that will surely come with his inevitable demise, whether it be from imprisonment or death. (Remember, for all the talk of 2024, the man is 76 years old and not exactly the picture of health.)

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