The “Trump Republican” Army

Capitol Insurgents

We’ve now learned that when a group of “Trump Republicans” should have been in Washington to vote on the January 6 Commission (to investigate the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol) they were instead on a “study committee” trip to our southern border.  Not only that, but they were accompanied by at least one participant in the insurrection, Anthony Aguero, a fellow known to be a close associate of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), among others in the group.  Say what?!  And if anyone still doubts what a small Republican world it has become, the committee’s deputy communications director is Buckley Carlson, Tucker’s son, who insisted that Aguero’s involvement with the group was “purely incidental.” Yeah, right, and I have a bridge I’d love to sell you!

This revelation regarding Mr. Aguero points to the bottom line of the Trump Republican’s reluctance to investigate the insurrection.  They aren’t just concerned the findings will incriminate former president Trump, or that many of their own constituents wholeheartedly supported the attempt to overthrow the results of the election.  It has never been clearer that the insurrectionists and their far-right MAGA ilk constitute an armed force nurtured to threaten and attack the Trump Republican’s political opponents.  Representative Mo Brooks (AL) said it all on January 6: “Today we’re going to start taking names and kicking ass!” 

Make no mistake, the people who stormed the Capitol are the Trump Republican’s army.  I’d call them mercenaries, but there’s no evidence the poor suckers get paid or receive any benefits.  No, these MAGAs are nothing but minions who travelled to Washington on their own dime.  So why should we be surprised if members of this army accompany a group of Trump Republicans on their latest political stunt at the Southern border?  After all, people like Mo Brooks and Marjorie Taylor Greene are part of the same crowd; they just managed to get themselves elected to Congress, allowing them to avoid the inconvenience of storming the walls and breaking out the windows.

Will Trump’s Loyalists Storm the Jail When He’s Finally Indicted?

It’s pretty scary that in 21st century America members of one political party have their own army to intimidate their opponents.  Next thing we know the same people who invaded the Capitol will be storming the jail to free imprisoned members of the Trump Organization!  in addition to CFO Allen Weisselberg, there’s a good possibility that others, including the former president’s children and ultimately the Donald himself, will ultimately be indicted. Can’t you just picture Donald Trump summoning his MAGA minions to storm the jail and free him so he can be “reinstated” as president?  Never mind that Trump has done nothing to defend the nearly 550 people who have so far been charged in the attack on the U.S. Capitol.  It will be interesting to see if Trump will make any effort to protect his own children, or if they will be left to flail in the wind as did his former attorney, Michael Cohen.

Right now, as per usual, Trump and his lawyers are claiming that the indictments against the company and Weisselberg are nothing but a political “witch hunt,” just as they’ve claimed everything else was a witch hunt.  But more than one commentator has called last week’s indictments the “tip of the iceberg” and I’m inclined to agree.  Indeed, the “Trump Republican” army may have its work cut out for it in the coming months.  

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