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Sad Santa

Unhappy Holidays!

We’ve surely had some sad Christmas seasons during the Civil War (I spent Christmas of 1862, for example, in a muddy, frozen army camp in …

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Illustration of Trump playing golf

Trump Just Plays Golf

Why does Trump want to stay president so badly if the only thing he does in the job is play golf?

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Protestors with Stop the Steal sign

Stop the Steal!

There’s no evidence the Democrats stole the election from President Trump, but that’s almost irrelevant to “MAGAs” demanding “Stop the Steal.” It’s fairly obvious they feel their country has been stolen from them and they’re willing to do anything to get it back.

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Biden Harris

Hallelujah! Trump is ALMOST gone.

When it comes to healing our country and restoring national unity, based on his refusal to accept the reality of defeat, President Trump remains the elephant in the room or, in his case, the pink (well, maybe orange) elephant in the White House.

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The Trump Flag

Banning the Trump Flag

When I first set out to share my opinions and tell you my story, it was my intention to focus on those things that are …

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Sick of COVID, but Sicker of Trump!

President Trump not only remains in denial but has the audacity to claim that Americans are “sick” of hearing about the COVID pandemic, as if it’s a reality show and they’ll change the channel. Maybe his base is sick of hearing about it, but the rest of us are just sick and dying!s

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If sometimes I sound like a know it all because I’ve been hanging about this earth for going on 200 years, I not only apologize …

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Trump is the Swamp

Trump is a Lifelong Failure

President Trump’s complete failure to lead in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic is only one more example in a long list of failures.  None …

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The Art of the Deal

Our Grifter President

Unlike essential workers and first line responders, who have had no choice but to be exposed to
the virus—never mind those in prisons, homeless shelters, farm worker housing, and nursing
homes—Trump got the virus because he was reckless and stupid.

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Our Liberty At Stake Vol. 1-4

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Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Blue States vs. Red States Ain’t the Issue

It’s clear that President Trump only cares about his own interests and getting reelected and has no vision for America whatsoever. If his “base” subscribes to Senate Leader McConnell’s antiquated, old white man’s vision for America, that’s all the President needs to know.

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Ship Wrecked at Pearl Harbor

It’s NOT China’s Fault

Our fearless leader, President Trump, has now compared his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic to the leadership of Winston Churchill and FDR during World War …

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America’s Misplaced Fears

The greatest threat to the American people isn’t rampaging mobs invading the suburbs or gun-toting vigilantes in souped-up pickup trucks; it’s President Trump’s incompetent leadership in the face of a pandemic that isn’t going away despite his many claims to the contrary.

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Donald Trump at Presidential 2016 Convention

The “White” Republican Convention

When Trump is declared the “bodyguard of western civilization,” is there any doubt that “western” means “white,” and the threat to civilization, the barbarians at the gate, are people of color, especially Blacks, who will be unleashed to attack white suburban neighborhoods?

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Joe Biden

The “Dark” Democratic Convention

President Trump claims the Democratic Convention was “dark,” but with over 1,000 COVID deaths every day and the toll anticipated to surpass 300,000 by year’s end, don’t you think it should be dark?! Only Republicans could find something to cheer about at such a time.

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Joe and Kamala

Birtherism Reborn

Just as President Trump has suggested that violence taking over our cities and the destruction of suburbia are greater threats to our nation than the …

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Shop Closed due to Coronavirus

Americans Can Always Be Counted on To Do the Right Thing, After They’ve Tried Everything Else

“The Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing, after they’ve tried everything else.” That’s what British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said of his ally during World War II. But still in a state of denial about COVID-19, PRESIDENT TRUMP REFUSES TO TRY ANYTHING.

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Statue of Nero with a Bird on his Head

Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned

It’s doubtful that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, but President Trump is most certainly fiddling with our election process while Americans are still dying of COVID-19—what has become the “Trump virus”—by the thousands and our economy is going to hell.

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Trump is a Big Fat, Dumb Ostrich! An Infographic

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Federal agents in Portland

The Threat to Suburbia

If we are to believe President Trump, the greatest threat to America is NOT the COVID-19 virus, but the danger posed by the radical left …

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