Civil War at the Border

Texas Border Crisis

As someone who lost his life fighting (on the wrong side, of course) in the American Civil War, your humble spirit humbly suggests that MAGAs should stop calling for another “civil war” every time they open their mouths.  Like Southerners who seceded from the Union back in 1861, if they’re not careful, they might get what they wish for.

Their latest threat of civil war is looming at the Texas border with Mexico, where the state’s governor, Greg Abbott, is defying a Supreme Court ruling to remove the razor wire he installed along sections of the Rio Grande River to prevent immigrant crossings.  Twenty-five Republican governors have agreed with Abbott’s stance and some are even threatening to send their state’s national guard troops to help protect the border and prevent federal interference.  In addition, numerous caravans of MAGA vigilantes are now heading to Texas to help “take back the border.” Texas has long been home to extreme right-wing secessionists who want to break away from the U.S., but clearly things have gotten out of hand.

The fact is, many of these people don’t care nearly as much about protecting America, or making it “great again,” as they want a white Christian nation, an aspirational fantasy that is threatened by the current wave of mostly “brown” immigrants. “Great again” has always been code for an idealized America that never was, and MAGAs make no secret they want a different nation than what America is and, more importantly, must strive to be.  Just as the Confederate Slave Power persuaded poor whites that a slave-owning aristocracy’s cause was their own, MAGAs are convinced their country is being invaded and they must fight to protect it.  As their cult leader Donald Trump said on the morning of January 6th, “We fight like hell.  And if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”   

MAGAs Can Fight Like Hell, at the Border and Elsewhere, but Unfortunately They’ve Already Lost Their Country.

Migrants at Eagle Pass

Wake up, MAGA vigilantes, you’re defending a country that’s barely yours anyway; it’s been slipping away from you for quite a while.  America’s once mighty middle class has already been decimated and Donald Trump is the last person in the world to help you restore it. The “trickle down” economic policies that started under Ronald Reagan’s administration have shifted so much of the country’s wealth to the top 10%, the top 1%, the top .01% that, economically speaking, there’s not much left for the supposed “hoards” of brown people to take away from you. 

All that said, you don’t need to be a MAGA to feel like America is being invaded; it’s obvious we are being overwhelmed by the volume of immigrants coming across our southern border.  Cities like New York and Chicago are bursting at the seams and lack the resources required to handle the problem, while we are all but incapacitated to stem the flow of fentanyl into the country.  The list goes on, the negative consequences for our country almost as legion as the number of immigrants.  Everyone agrees the country’s immigration system is broken and needs a complete overhaul, but unfortunately Trump and his MAGA allies in Congress have shown that when push comes to shove they want a hot campaign issue rather than meaningful solutions.

Migrants waiting to come into the Roosevelt Hotel

Wake up, MAGAs!  If your fearless (cult) leader Donald Trump wasn’t happy to harm America in order to return to power and stay out of prison, you wouldn’t have to be hightailing it down to the southern border in a futile attempt to “make America great again.”

Putting aside Donald Trump, MAGA grievance, white nationalism, Greg Abbott’s razor wire, the 2024 presidential campaign, the Civil War, the threat of a new civil war, the destruction of the American middle class, and all the rest of it, let me take this rare opportunity to agree with the Fox News crowd and say we can’t have immigrants beating up New York City cops like we did last week—full stop!

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