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The Election Police

Trump and the rest of his MAGA Republican cohort just keep on keeping on, telling their “base” what they want to hear, again and again. …

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Homeless Man Sleeping with American Flag

It’s Inequality, Stupid!

In case we needed any more evidence that economic inequality is tearing our country apart, take note of the growing number of thefts from cargo …

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President Trump - August 2018

Trump’s REAL Enablers

Former President Trump has his visible allies and enablers—the likes of Mark Meadows, Steve Bannon, and Sean Hannity—but he also has his REAL enablers, the …

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2021 Comes to an End

Even from the perspective of someone who’s been hovering about this earth for almost 200 years, 2021 was an awfully disturbing and sad year, and …

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Justice for Daunte

A Metaphor for Our Country

It was painful to watch Kim Potter, the police officer who shot and killed Daunte Wright, on the witness stand, crying damn near hysterically, claiming …

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Massie Christmas card photo

Santa, Please Bring Ammo

With Christmas nearly upon us, I just can’t get Representative Thomas Massie’s delightful Christmas card out of my head.  Who could forget the joyous holiday …

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Miami,Florida,/United,States, March,27,2019: Governor

Ron DeSantis Wants an Army

You’ve probably heard that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants to create his own militia that would be controlled by . . . guess who, the …

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Black Man Running

I concur with those who say the verdict in the Ahmaud Arbery trial represented “accountability” rather than “justice.” Accountability is perhaps the best remedy a …

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Kevin McCarthy’s “Magic Minute”

Last week the House Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy, tied up the House floor for over eight hours, bombastically grandstanding to delay passage of the Democrat’s …

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Civil war historical rendering

Return to Barbarism

I don’t know why someone who’s been hanging about this earth as long as I have is still shocked by atrocious human behavior, but Representative …

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Ahmaud Arbery

White Vigilantes’ Victims

Ahmaud Arbery’s killers—not representing a major news outlet or being an officer of the court, I’ll dispense with terms like “defendant” and “accused”—are being tried …

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US house of Representatives

Time to Serve the Sausage!

This time I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will finally happen, but . . . I fear the Democrats’ failure to pass the president’s …

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Graphic of hysteria

Schoolboard Hysteria

I’m not sure which came first, parents protesting mask and vaccine mandates or parents protesting Critical Race Theory, but once apolitical, nonpartisan local schoolboards are …

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Heads in the Sand

The Democrat’s Maginot Line

My frustration and anxiety about America’s future in the face of the Republican assault on (what remains of) our democracy continues to rise.  Too many …

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Homeless Man

Inequality Is Destroying Our Democracy

Your humble spirit has been contemplating his words from last week and wondering if perhaps I should have said a good deal more about our …

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Problems with our democracy

Our Democracy at Risk

It feels like our democracy is at a crossroads and the problem is more than just the usual suspects—Donald Trump’s “big lie” that the 2020 …

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Tucker Carlson

Replacement Theory

Tucker Carlson, currently the right-wing “media personality” enjoying the highest ratings at Fox News, has taken to touting “Replacement Theory,” also known as “the great …

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Facts not Fox

Right-Wing MAGA Media

I don’t know how much longer our country can endure the right-wing MAGA media’s alternative reality, their total disregard for facts and truth, their complete …

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The Race to the HYPOCRITICAL Bottom

I’ve spoken before about the “worst of the worst” in Congress, the “MAGA” Republicans who never shut their moronic mouths, but perhaps I’ve been negligent …

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Woman holding an American Flag

Everything in Limbo

Among the definitions of “limbo” found in Webster’s Dictionary are the following: A place or state of oblivion for persons or things cast aside, forgotten, …

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