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Wake up Call

Another Wake Up Call

What happened in Texas last week is one more painful, embarrassing disaster for our country, another one of those terrible events that some inevitably refer …

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Earthworms in Dirt

Profiles in Worm

I hate to bore you by regurgitating the details of Trump’s second impeachment trial or the awful events at the Capitol on January 6th, but …

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Protestor showing a sign that says "Every Legal vote COUNTED. Every illegal vote removed."

White TRASH Arrogance

Like their hero, Trump, the people who attacked the U.S. Capitol like to portray themselves as society’s victims, but the truth is their white privilege has long since evolved into pure screaming (quite literally, in many instances!) arrogance and audacity.

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Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy

A New Republican Party II

The Republican Party has been nothing but a ruse concocted by the corporate power structure using their contrived “culture wars”—God, guns, and gays, etc.— to persuade a disaffected segment of the American electorate to vote against their own economic interests.

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Founding Fathers of the United States

The 1776 Project

The report from Trump’s “Advisory 1776 Commission” claims that America’s universities are “hotbeds of Anti-Americanism, libel, and censorship that combine to generate in students and in the broader culture at the very least disdain and at worst outright hatred of this country.”

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QAnon Shaman

The Anger is Frightening!

Despite all their raging fury, most of the deluded self-described “patriots” who invaded the U.S. Capitol have very little to be angry about except the fear of losing their white privilege in what is becoming a multi-racial, multi-cultural society.

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Protestors descend upon Capitol Hill to contest the certification of the Presidential Election

White TRASH Privilege

The horrendous events at the U.S. Capitol last week were a sad reminder that whiteness still bestows privilege on some of the least fortunate in our society, people filled with hatred and resentment because they have lost all sense of self-worth except for their whiteness.

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Blocks implying 2020 turning to 2021

Farewell 2020!

How can Trump’s supporters look at what happened in 2020 and not want him banished from our lives? How is it possible not to see what a disastrous, failed president he was? How could they vote for him, let alone want his defeat overturned?

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Sign that says "Remove the TERRORI$T$ from the White House"

Trump Pardons Blackwater Killers

While African Americans in this country are still fighting for recognition that Black Lives matter, Trump’s pardon of the Blackwater killers sends a message that ONLY white lives matter, that everyone else on this earth is nothing but fodder for white power.

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Tommy Tuberville

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville

Newly elected Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville, who may support a Congressional challenge to the Electoral College results, thinks Americans fought World War II to liberate Europe from socialism, not the Nazis, who were fascists, not socialists.

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Steve Scalise

They’ve Shown Us Who They Are (aka Profiles in Schmuckness!)

I’ve quoted Maya Angelou before and, sadly, I’ll probably quote her again: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” The last time I …

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A New Republican Party

In case you’ve ever wondered why an avowed enemy of Southern Democrats—from Reconstruction through Jim Crow, all the way up to the Dixiecrats and the …

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Sad Santa

Unhappy Holidays!

We’ve surely had some sad Christmas seasons during the Civil War (I spent Christmas of 1862, for example, in a muddy, frozen army camp in …

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Illustration of Trump playing golf

Trump Just Plays Golf

Why does Trump want to stay president so badly if the only thing he does in the job is play golf?

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Protestors with Stop the Steal sign

Stop the Steal!

There’s no evidence the Democrats stole the election from President Trump, but that’s almost irrelevant to “MAGAs” demanding “Stop the Steal.” It’s fairly obvious they feel their country has been stolen from them and they’re willing to do anything to get it back.

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Biden Harris

Hallelujah! Trump is ALMOST gone.

When it comes to healing our country and restoring national unity, based on his refusal to accept the reality of defeat, President Trump remains the elephant in the room or, in his case, the pink (well, maybe orange) elephant in the White House.

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The Trump Flag

Banning the Trump Flag

When I first set out to share my opinions and tell you my story, it was my intention to focus on those things that are …

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Sick of COVID, but Sicker of Trump!

President Trump not only remains in denial but has the audacity to claim that Americans are “sick” of hearing about the COVID pandemic, as if it’s a reality show and they’ll change the channel. Maybe his base is sick of hearing about it, but the rest of us are just sick and dying!s

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If sometimes I sound like a know it all because I’ve been hanging about this earth for going on 200 years, I not only apologize …

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Trump is the Swamp

Trump is a Lifelong Failure

President Trump’s complete failure to lead in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic is only one more example in a long list of failures.  None …

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