“I Really Don’t Care, do U?”

Melania Trump

We know that our current First Lady, Milania Trump, is no Eleanor Roosevelt and doesn’t aspire to be, but suffice to say she’s shown her true colors by wearing an “I Really Don’t Care, do U?” jacket on her way to visit a children’s detention facility on our southern border. The funny thing is, despite it being an awful public relations blunder, I’m willing to believe she didn’t intend it as it appeared. As often as President Trump and his right-wing cronies “wink” at each other to show their true “party line,” I don’t think that’s the case in this instance. Why bother to make the trip if you’re going to wear such a nasty, insensitive message on your back for everyone to see?

Okay, the jacket is meant to communicate that she doesn’t care about what the media says about her husband and his administration, but is she so detached from reality that she can’t see the broader implication? To my way of thinking, the First Lady of the United States is supposed to care about everything and everybody in our country. She can’t be expected to agree with everyone, she can’t champion every cause, but she is most assuredly supposed to CARE. Does loyalty to her husband preclude her from appreciating that fact? Does she have no understanding or respect for her role as First Lady, no serious regard for her duty to the citizens of this country?

Indeed, she doesn’t care. Our First Lady is essentially another Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France during the French Revolution, who, upon learning that her subjects had no more bread to eat, famously said, “Then Let Them Eat Cake!” Although it’s highly questionable whether the Queen actually uttered those words, we know for a fact she died on the guillotine. Careful, Milania, perceptions matter.

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