Distorting the Reality of Ukraine


President Trump’s calamitous distortions come so quickly that I barely have time to scribble my thoughts down before a new absurdity bursts forth across the airwaves and cyberspace.  As a guy who’s been around for almost 200 years—a son of the Cotton Kingdom and the Confederacy’s favorite poster boy (you can read all about it on my website), I know just how far reality can be distorted to suit the ruling elite.

Back in my day it was the slaveholders of the Cotton Kingdom, but today it’s Wall Street and our largest corporations.  In particular, Trump is the fossil fuel industry’s stooge in its fight to discredit the reality of climate change.  But that’s only one of the President’s many distortions.

The President talks about building a great wall at our Southern border even though he isn’t.  He tells us we have wonderful healthcare when, in fact, it remains a disaster.  He claims North Korea’s nuclear program is on hold thanks to him, but has no evidence to support it.  He also claims he’s bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US, even though our manufacturing base continues to decline.  And when it comes to his conversation with the President of Ukraine, he seems to think the American people can’t read the transcript that’s right before their eyes.

At what point do Trump’s lies and distortions become intolerable even for his base?  When will they realize that what they want to believe isn’t necessarily the truth?

The only reality that matters about Trump is this: Given that his many years of business failures and bankruptcies made him persona non grata with American banks, he turned to the Russian oligarchs for financing (in other words, he’s laundering their money!).  Why do you think he’s fought so hard to stop his tax returns from being released?  And now he’s in Putin’s pocket, bought and paid for.

Doesn’t it strike you as a little odd that Trump was threatening to withhold military aid from Ukraine, the country that’s fighting a war with Russia?  Putin makes no secret that he wants to make Ukraine a satellite of Russia, just as it was during the Soviet Empire.  Does Trump care about corruption in Mexico, India, Brazil, or anyplace else in the world?  No, the most corrupt president we’ve ever had suddenly cares about Ukraine—what a coincidence!

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