Demented Narcissist Leading the MAGAs


There are those (mostly MAGA Republicans, of course) who think we should move on from the events of January 6.  But how can we put it behind us when so much of what we learn proves things were even worse than we suspected?  Thanks to Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony, we now KNOW that former President Trump KNEW that his MAGA minions were heavily armed and intent on doing bodily harm to his political opponents.  And as part of his attempted coup, the demented former President intended to go down to the Capitol himself and lead his minions’ assault, like something out of the Middle Ages, or maybe the French Revolution.  Instead of “Liberty Leading the People” as depicted by Eugene Delacroix, we could have had “Demented Narcissist Leading the MAGAs” as organized by Mark Meadows (assuming cowardly Trump would emerge from the safety of his presidential limousine).

If ever there was any doubt, it should now be clear that Trump should be indicted for instigating the attack on the Capitol.  As a sitting president, the man didn’t only try to kill his enemies, including his loyal sycophant of a Vice President, Mike Pence, he had the incredible chutzpah to think he could get away with it.  Did he really think the majority of the American people would just sit back and allow him to declare martial law and make himself dictator?  Clearly the man’s misplaced narcissistic grievance knows no bounds!  

Lest we be distracted by the findings of the January 6 Committee, this past week we were once again reminded of white America’s obsessive fear and hatred of Black men, when 25-year-old Jayland Walker of Akron, OH, was shot at least 60 times by police as he attempted to flee. The incident is still under investigation, but even if it’s true that he fired at police from his car as they claim, was it really necessary for eight police officers to put 60 bullets in his body?

Trump is a Corrupt Mob Boss Who Managed to Become President!

If it’s true that when someone shows you who they are you should believe them, we should have believed Trump (admittedly, one of the greatest liars of all time!) hundreds of times before.  We know his 2016 victory was based on an anomaly of the electoral college, but the fact that such a “creature” (as recently dubbed by House Speaker Pelosi) became the Republican nominee (and could be again in 2024!) remains downright frightening.  It’s only fitting that the crude narcissistic creature have thrown his lunch plate out of frustration, the ketchup with his usual burger and fries dripping down the wall of the White House dining room—talk about a pitiful scene and a perversion of Americana!

Why were the Biden Administration and the Congressional Democrats so woefully unprepared for the overturning of Roe v. Wade, despite the leaking of the majority opinion weeks ago? I understand the debacle presented by the filibuster, and I’m not in favor of increasing the size of the Supreme Court, but mightn’t someone have given the matter a little thought, at the very least assigned a couple of summer interns to look into it? The Democrats’ response to the Court’s attack on women’s reproductive rights has been nothing short of pathetic!

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