What’s Our Priority?

Putin and Trump

All this business about Trump’s campaign collaborating with the Russians and the suspicion that Russian President Putin has Trump in his pocket is another convenient distraction from this country’s real priorities—working towards racial justice and income equality. Don’t get me wrong, Trump should probably be impeached and imprisoned for his dealings with the Russians. Isn’t it obvious Putin’s oligarch cronies have served as Trump’s main source of financing since his spate of bankruptcies made him persona non grata in the investment community? Why do you think he never released his tax returns? Who would like to wager that he’s up to his eyeballs in Russian money laundering?

Like most of you, I’d like to see Trump dumped and in the trash bin of history. But putting him where he belongs (Lock him up! Lock him up!) should not be a distraction from the priorities this country faces. Once again, as the clock ticks and people’s lives pass by, Washington and the media are asleep at the wheel when it comes to addressing the issues that really matter—racial injustice and income inequality. Yeah, I can’t repeat those words enough times—racial injustice and income inequality. Maybe if a saw some progress being made, instead of more evidence that we’re going backwards every day, I might stop repeating them, but unfortunately, that time appears to be a long way off. If the Democrats take the House in November, they can impeach Trump, but that only leaves us with Pence, who might be the most conservative President we’ve ever had, or at least as far back as far as I can remember, and I’m going on 200 years old! No matter who is President, the Democrats cannot take their eyes off the prize—racial justice and income equality (there, I said it again!).

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