Separating Children from Their Parents

Separated Child behind Fence

The separation of children from their parents going on at the U.S. border is a disgusting national disgrace for which we should all be ashamed. As the son of an antebellum slaveholder, I can testify to the fact that separating children from their parents is a vile practice; perhaps the only thing worse about slavery was the sexual exploitation of black women. President Trump and his right wing allies can make up all the excuses they like, but it’s obvious those people at our border wouldn’t be treated that way if they had white skin and weren’t considered just a little less human. This is nothing but the latest degradation of people of color by the latest generation of white masters, otherwise known as the American government under the Trump Administration. As one writer aptly put it, Trump’s immigration policy represents a full-scale revolt against the rising number of foreign-born (you may read that as “non-white”) Americans.

I’m willing to meet the President’s “base” halfway and concede that as a sovereign nation we are entitled to enforce our borders, and I think most of us can agree that our immigration policy has been a shambles for decades, but what’s going right now on the Mexican border is totally unacceptable. Our fellow citizens who are willing to support this cruel practice out of blind hatred for the “other” will have some explaining to do when they meet their maker!

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