A National Emergency?

Mexican American Border Wall

If you recall, even President Trump admitted that his so-called “national emergency” at our southern border is no emergency at all—he didn’t have to do it now; he could do it at any time.  No kidding, pal!  How about never?

The only national emergency as I see it is dealing with America’s fanatical, hysterical never-ending hatred of “the other” that’s driving the frenzied debate over the need for a border wall.  Lord knows America’s security has nothing to do with it.  The issue is white America’s irrational, paranoid fear of “hoards” of non-white people that the President claims are headed our way.  Any hoards headed for our southern border are only doing so because they’re fleeing the violence in their own countries, much of which has been brought about by the same gangs that supply drugs to the US.  The truth is, our own country’s insatiable market for drugs is what has created the refugee crisis.  If our own sick society (and I don’t mean our physical health, although that’s not too good either!) hadn’t created the problem; the gangs would have nothing to supply.  And another fact—nothing fueled the current drug crises more than US doctors pushing prescriptions for Oxy Contin.  Opioids are a terrible problem in our country, but the supposed “hoards” streaming across our Southern border aren’t the culprits.  America’s fear and hatred of the “other,” in this case Hispanics from Mexico and Central America, merely offer a convenient scapegoat.

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